Cindy facilitates workshops and training for both personal and professional development. She has more than twenty-five years experience providing innovative programs designed to uniquely meet the needs of diverse organizations including mental health facilities, schools, hospitals, businesses, holistic health centers and community groups. Topics include:

  • Wellness and stress reduction
  • Movement therapy and the creative arts
  • Training for professionals
  • Retreats for the workplace, groups

Cindy specializes in training mental health practitioners in how to effectively integrate holistic and traditional methods into their therapeutic work. 


Listening to Your Body ~Tuning into its Wisdom for Guidance & Vitality

Most of us are familiar with our body’s responses when we are under stress: neck and shoulder tension, back pain, nervous stomach, insomnia, over-eating, shallow breathing and headaches. Getting to know and respond to your body’s sensations, from the obvious to the subtle, will help you lead a life of greater resilience and reduced stress.

In this workshop with Cindy Dern, you learn to pause and listen, and regain the vital connection of living in partnership with your body. You will gain skills to:

  • Relax and settle your nervous system
  • Enhance motivation for positive self-care
  • Bring mindfulness, movement, and conscious breathing tools into your life
  • Build your capacity to respond, not react, to emotions and challenging situations
  • Trust your body’s wisdom on a more regular basis

Anyone who wants to live more fully in their body and with greater vitality in their life can benefit. Mental health professionals and holistic practitioners can gain powerful tools to help their clients.


I’ve seen Cindy inspire people to take risks and try things they never thought they could do, especially as it relates to movement, relaxation and creative expression. She is a dynamic, flexible and energetic group facilitator. 

Barbara Sarah, LCSW
Founder, Oncology Support Program, Benedictine Hospital
Director, Third Opinion

Your keynote address and workshops on wellness were the highlight of the Peer Leadership–Youth Wellness Conference. I was impressed by the high degree of sincerity and professionalism with which you gave your presentations.

Public school teacher
Institute for Prevention Conference

Your presentation called Adding Zest: A Creative, Skill Building Workshop for Clinicians was truly excellent and inspiring! Everyone was engaged and came away with many tools for their toolbox. You were a great role model in demonstrating how you genuinely love your work.

Social Worker
BOCES Southern Westchester County
(Board of Cooperative Educational Services)

Contact: 845-679-8184