Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

Cindy has been teaching wellness, movement and personal development for more than 25 years at Omega Institute, a world-renowned holistic learning center that attracts teachers who are leaders in their fields. For more than ten years, she was the lead teacher for the Introduction to Omega Living Weekend, a course that emphasizes healthy and holistic living. She also taught dance/movement classes to Omega staff and participants.

Cindy’s most recent workshop Listening to Your Body is designed to help people learn to listen, trust, and respond to their body’s physical and emotional signals for enhanced well-being and vitality.

Listening to Your Body ~Tuning into its Wisdom for Guidance & Vitality

Most of us are familiar with our body’s responses when we are under stress: neck and shoulder tension, back pain, nervous stomach, insomnia, over-eating, shallow breathing and headaches. Getting to know and respond to your body’s sensations, from the obvious to the subtle, will help you lead a life of greater resilience and reduced stress. 

In this workshop with Cindy Dern, you learn to pause and listen, and regain the vital connection of living in partnership with your body. You will gain skills to:

  • Relax and settle your nervous system
  • Enhance motivation for positive self-care
  • Bring mindfulness, movement, and conscious breathing tools into your life
  • Build your capacity to respond, not react, to emotions and challenging situations
  • Trust your body’s wisdom on a more regular basis

Anyone who wants to live more fully in their body and with greater vitality in their life can benefit. Mental health professionals and holistic practitioners can gain powerful tools to help their clients.



Cindy, I have so much respect for the caliber of your teaching. I appreciate how hard you work to create a successful and transformative wellness program.

Elizabeth Lesser,
Co-founder, Omega Institute


I’ve never met a more motivational, practical, encouraging and genuine practitioner than you. 

Cindy created a safe place to learn and participate, and the program was well planned. Her kind and compassionate approach added to the spirit of the program.

It was so beautiful to dance and learn from such wonderful, open-hearted people. 

I knew it intellectually. I feel it more deeply now.

Contact: 845-679-8184