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Cindy has a wonderful ability to connect with people. She integrates different approaches to meet the unique needs of her clients. Cindy is flexible and authentic.

Dr. Ernest Shaw, MD – psychiatrist
Director, Center for Mind/Body Medicine

I’ve known Cindy’s work for fifteen years, and have been impressed by her ability to integrate classical psychotherapy with various alternative methods. Her commitment to EMDR and dance therapy is inspiring. She offers creativity, passion, and wisdom in working with both adults and teens. 

Dr.Carlos Valle, MD – psychiatrist
Medical Director, Mental Health Services, Benedictine Hospital

Cindy approaches therapy with quality, integrity, professionalism, and especially with lots of compassion. She is a real asset to our center.

Bob Hausman, MA – adult and family psychotherapist
Director, Woodstock Therapy Center


My constant anxiety is gone and I’m enjoying life more.

I’m so much more connected to my mind and body.

I have a lot more confidence facing the unknown than I’d ever had before.

It’s a safe environment, so I feel I can say anything.

Cindy is light-hearted, genuine and down-to-earth.

Sessions with Cindy are often enjoyable, yet at the same time she’s tough; she won’t let you be lazy with yourself, or fall back on the tired old habits that landed you in therapy in the first place.

I quickly learned strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.

Since I stopped drinking, I can feel my feelings and think more clearly.

My experience is one of staying in the present and looking towards the future, rather than wallowing in the past. 

My priorities are shifting to ways I can thrive, rather than merely survive. 

I feel hopeful and motivated about aspects of my life that I felt resigned to accepting as is. 

After struggling with my eating disorder for years, I am finally able to eat when I’m hungry and know what type of food my body wants. It feels liberating.

I find myself setting boundaries without the usual negative self-talk or guilt. 

Therapy has made a big difference in both helping me change my negative behaviors and access a deeper level of emotional connection. 

You have such a gentle way of bringing me back to my body and myself. 

It’s much easier just being me.


Cindy’s awesome, easy to talk to, ‘a responsive diary.’

She’s done what I thought was impossible; Cindy helped me to reconnect and build trust with my dad and stepmother.

Letter written by parents of a teen:
At a critical time in our daughter’s development, Cindy Dern provided, in our opinion, skillful, compassionate and practical guidance. I honestly believe that Cindy’s therapeutic skills dramatically improved what could have been an extremely difficult period for our entire family.


When I think about the trauma, I can see it, feel it, but it’s not as charged. I can see how charged it was, but I don’t feel that level of angst anymore.

I had a single EMDR session after my family pet died in a very traumatic way. Images of her really haunted me, and I felt guilty like I failed her. By the end of our session, I felt significant relief.

After doing EMDR, I see my father very differently, and we now get along well for the first time in my life.

I came to therapy because I had been in several car crashes and was really scared to drive. I was also having frequent nightmares. EMDR was really helpful. I am now able to drive without feeling afraid, and can sleep through the night. It’s like the car accidents never happened. 


SE has given me the capacity to experience a deeper and more profound joy, to get back in touch with my body and mind.

Cindy’s experiential work – the work she does with the body – has really changed me. It’s opened up some things in me that have been closed for a long, long time. 

The more I do SE, the more settled I feel. I have many more times during the week when I feel joyful, good. I now feel freer, and feel my body more. 

I’m learning to “be” with my feelings, not shut them away.


 Your guidance has helped us get farther together than would ever (and I mean EVER!) have been possible for us on our own. You’ve been a real source of calm, comfort and clarity. 

After several counseling sessions, we’re already using the skills we learned; we’re getting along better and enjoying each other more.

I’m feeling a lot more joy and lightness with my wife. We’ve come a long way. I’m really happy for that.


I’ve seen Cindy inspire people to take risks and try things they never thought they could do, especially as it relates to movement, relaxation and creative expression. She is a dynamic, flexible and energetic group facilitator. 

Barbara Sarah, LCSW
Founder, Oncology Support Program, Benedictine Hospital
Director, Third Opinion

Your keynote address and workshops on wellness were the highlight of the Peer Leadership–Youth Wellness Conference. I was impressed by the high degree of sincerity and professionalism with which you gave your presentations.

Public school teacher
Institute for Prevention Conference

Your presentation Adding Zest: A Creative, Skill Building Workshop for Clinicians was truly excellent and inspiring! Everyone was engaged and came away with many tools for their toolbox. You were a great role model in demonstrating how you genuinely love your work.

Social Worker
BOCES Southern Westchester County
(Board of Cooperative Educational Services)


Cindy, I have so much respect for the caliber of your teaching. I appreciate how hard you work to create a successful and transformative wellness program.

Elizabeth Lesser,
Co-founder, Omega Institute


I’ve never met a more motivational, practical, encouraging and genuine practitioner than you. 

Cindy created a safe place to learn and participate, and the program was well planned. Her kind and compassionate approach added to the spirit of the program.

It was so beautiful to dance and learn from such wonderful, open-hearted people. 

I knew it intellectually. I feel it more deeply now.

Contact: 845-679-8184